• image1 We provide things which ill man desires and needs…
  • image2 …warm health care, comprehension, kindness, patience and smile…
  • image3 …with those we are trying to distinguish ourselves In the face of the other companies.

About the company

We are working within the long-term care sector since 2000. We operate on the basis of contract with National Health Fund. We also have commercial accommodations at our disposal.

Our main assumption and target since the very creation of Hearty Care was to establish a place different than any of those similar to ours. We wanted to get rid of some stereotypes, meet the expectations of our patients head on, show that world-wide standards are truly within our grasp to achieve.

From that time we are continually trying to improve our offer and expand our activity by providing new health care units. The satisfaction of our patients and their loved ones every day strengthens in us the feeling that our efforts are going in the right direction. We are equipping our units with modern devices supporting health care of our patients meanwhile trying to maximizing the comfort of their lives and improve our staff work.

We pay special attention to the selection of people who work with us. Experience, knowledge and skills in the treatment, care and maintenance is one thing - but it is essential for us to provide an appropriate approach to the patient for whom often from day to day our branch becomes the new home. Psychological comfort is a very important part at every stage of treatment and rehabilitation, which is why we try to do everything in our power to make our patients feel well. 





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